Thursday 29 March 2012

Clean Coaching with Emergent Knowledge

Emergent Knowledge has been developed from David Grove's work in Clean Language, metaphor, Clean Space and the Six Degrees to Freedom.
Emergence is the science of how things are achieved through connections. It evolved from the theories of chaos and six degrees of separation and explains how through repetitive connections, knowledge which may be buried in the client's subconscious, can emerge.
What makes Clean Coaching powerful is that it treats everything that comes up during a client session as a system.

Clean Coaching follows a shape which is not dissimilar to the standard GROW coaching model but uses a different process for achieving the end results. The different Clean Processes, such as Spaces, Scapes, Pronouns, Spinning, Time, Hieroglyphics and so forth can be used to structure the entire session, or inserted individually into any other coaching structure.
Clean Coaching success is based on the principle that in a session everything is treated as a system and the client is part of that system. The sessions are about integrating the things the client is fighting so that they participate instead of working against them.
What the client will be able to achieve will emerge out of the experience rather than simply setting a goal and then trying to jump in order to reach it.
During the session the blocks that may materialise are explored 'cleanly' until the blocks disappear. As the client's starting position, the goal and anything in between works as an interconnected system, the goal that the client set in the beginning of the session may chance by the end of it. During the session new knowledge emerges without the physiology of effort.

Each Clean Process, also known as a Knowledge Exercise has its purpose. So for instance, Pronouns can be used to help the client understand that there is more than one self that may respond in any situation. These different selves of the client may have become disassociated at some point in their lives, so pronouns is a great way to re-associate and re-align using the emerged knowledge.

Clean Spinning emerges knowledge which may be uncovered when the client faces different directions in their lives, Clean Boundaries examines the spaces and boundaries around a goal or an issue.
The Clean Time is one of my personal favourites as although it is quite similar to that of the NLP timeline process, it is also very different and a powerful way to download information if used with Clean Scapes. Used together with scapes this results into a drawing of a map of the client’s perceptual relationship to time with a purpose to re-align or re-scale their internal time signature to match that of their current reality.

Clean Coaching is one of the cutting edge coaching methods used at Enable Potential. Contact for more details